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Creative Engineering

Light Sculpture

We are also engaged in the production of various art installations which incorporate technology. Light sculptures are one of the products we create. Light sculpture is a part of light art. The art of light, also known as luminism, is a visual art form in which light is the primary medium for artistic expression. An example of a product of this art is light, which takes the form of a “sculpture” when light, color, and shadow are manipulated. These objects can be temporary or permanent and can be displayed in different locations, such as indoor galleries, museum exhibits, and festivals held outdoors.

Build Custom PC

Those who desire complete control over every aspect of their PC should consider building their own computer. It offers the most extensive customization options, ranging from CPU to fans and lighting. Thus, you will always have the precise hardware you require. And because you assembled it yourself, you will know precisely how to upgrade and customize your PC. In addition, building a PC is easier than you may believe. To choose and install your own components, however, does require sufficient technical knowledge. If you lack the time to assemble your own computer, we offer a service to do so for you. Alternatively, we can provide you with a guide if you wish to build your own personal computer.